Date: June 20th, 2015

The goal of the Skeptics’ Guide to Emergency Medicine (SGEM) is to shorten the knowledge translation window from over ten years down to less than one year. It accomplishes this by doing a critical appraisal of a recently published article using the Best Evidence in Emergency Medicine (BEEM) process. BEEM has the only validated audience rating tool in emergency medicine and to the best of my knowledge, the only known measure of clinical relevance.

The SGEM consists of a weekly podcast available for free on iTunes and a blog. It is also tied into a Facebook page, active Twitter feed and YouTube Chanel.

This is an SGEM Xtra. This week I will not be doing a structured critical review; instead I will be discussing two very exciting things happening with the SGEM.

SGEM Season 2 Book: Based on the Famous Earthbound Podcast Series

Screen Shot 2015-06-20 at 11.45.17 AMSeason 2 is now available for download as a PDF Book. It starts off with a little primer on evidence based medicine by Dr. Chris Carpenter. Chris wrote the book on EBM Diagnostic Testing and is a world expert on geriatric emergency medicine.

The editor for the SGEM Season 2 book was Teresa Chan out of McMaster University. She works behind the scene on Academic Life in Emergency Medicine with Michelle Lin, Boring EM with Brent Thoma, and EM Cases with Anton Helman.

One of the great things Teresa did for the SGEM was bring Robert Clayden to the book project. Rob is a third year medical student at University College in Dublin, Ireland. Rob took the SGEM content and reformatted it into a great book.

SGEM Season 2 has all 42 episodes. Each chapter starts with a single page summarizing the episode. You get the case scenario, clinical question and the bottom line. Turn the page and you will find the PICO (population, intervention, control/comparison and outcome) and author’s conclusions. This is followed by background information on the subject, key results and some “talking nerdy“.

After the evidence based medicine discussion finishes you get a case resolution, clinical application and a synopsis of “what do I tell my patients”. You will also find a few references with hyperlinks to other sources. Each chapter finishes with a shout out to the all the great guest skeptics who have been on the SGEM in Season 2.

There may be a few typos, some transcription errors and other mistakes. We have gone through the 227 page document carefully. However, if there is something you find, send me an email (TheSGEM@gmail.com). Remember of course to always be skeptical of anything you read.

Please share a link to this SGEM blog entry and spread the FOAMy goodness around the world.

Don’t Panic, SGEM Season One eBook is also available to download for free. Viva la #FOAMed

Screen Shot 2014-11-15 at 7.07.05 PM

SMACC Chicago

I am also very excited to be attending and participating in my first SMACC conference. There are many things I am looking forward to at SMACC but I condensed a list down to my top five.

  1. Meeting FOAMed People – Sure many of us have been in contact via twitter and email but it will be different to actually be hanging out in the same place.  One person I can’t wait to meet in person is Rob Orman from ER Cast.
  2. Stop Gambling: Applying Evidence to Practice Workshop – Tuesday, June 23rd from 8am to noon. It will be with Simon Carley, Richard Body,  Rob MacSweeney, Scott Aberegg and David Newman. .
  3. Concurrent Session #3: How Science Works  – Wednesday, June 24th at noon. I will be giving a presentation on “How to Make Knowledge Translation Happen”. It will involve a paper clip. If you want to find out what a paper clip has to do with knowledge translation, come to this session chaired by Loiuse Cullen.
  4. Concurrent Session #20: Seeking the Truth– Thursday, June 25th. I am chairing this session and there will be cage matches debating three great topics:
    • Cage Match 1: The RCT has Failed Us (Paul Young vs. Simon Finfer)
    • Cage Match 2: Clinicians Should Read the Primary Literature (Ken Milne vs. Rory Spiegel – EM Nerd)
    • Cage Match 3: Big Pharma is a Friend, Not a Foe (Rob Orman vs. Mark Crislip)
  5. SMACC Run-As part of #SMACCrun initiative, Natalie May and I will be doing a musical show down on Friday, June 26th at noon. For a primer on what to expect check out Jimmy Fallon vs. Jennifer Lopez video called Tight Pants. Think…Everyone’s been tweeting ’bout my SMACC RUN. This will be happening just after Eve Purdy and I do a live performance of the SMACC Cup Song.

Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 9.13.25 AM

So you can see why I am so excited, and I just can’t hide it. I have lost control but I know I like it.

Download Season2 of the SGEM and disseminate the FOAMed. If you are in Chicago at SMACC please stop and say hello, come to a workshop or concurrent session, check out the SMACC down/cage match, watch Eve Purdy be Pitch Perfect, and see who wins in the SMACC run sing off with Natalie May.

Please take the time to like the SGEM on Facebook and give the SGEM Podcast a Rating/Review on iTunes. Any support of this knowledge translation project would be appreciated.

Keener Contest: Last week’s winner was Dr. Francois Louw from Invermere BC. Francois was able to name the most lines that have been described for lung ultrasound. They included A, B, C, E, V and Z lines.

Listen to the podcast for this weeks keener question. Come to Concurrent Session#3 on How Science Works and catch my talk on How to Make Knowledge Translation Happen for the answer. This will be Wednesday, June 24th at noon. The first person to tweet the answer using #smacckeener will win a cool skeptical prize. I will have the cool skeptical prize with me at the talk for the winner.

Remember to be skeptical of anything you learn, even if you heard it on the Skeptics’ Guide to Emergency Medicine.