Here is an excellent youtube video from England explaining the 2012 British Thoracic Society new asthma guidelines. Click HERE to watch them sing the guidelines to the song Breakfast at Tiffany’s. It is a brilliant example of using social media (SoMe) for knowledge translation (KT) and dissemination. Well done Dr. Tapas Mukherjee and team.

The video was apparently recorded on a mobile phone by a bunch of docs and nurses during their spare time. They had no money or video expertise but clearly a lot of enthusiasm. It won the British Thoracic Society Innovation in Education Award 2012. Winner of the NHS Expo/ Network Casebook II Innovation Award 2013.


They quote: “This video is for educational and entertainment purposes. All music rights owned by Warner Chappell. This video is not officially endorsed by UHL Trust in any way.”

We need more innovative content like this to cut the KT window down from 10 years to one year. SoMe has the power to accomplish this so our patients can get the best care based on the best evidence.

Remember to be skeptical of anything you hear, even if you heard it on The Skeptics Guide to Emergency Medicine.