Regular listeners to the Skeptics’ Guide to Emergency Medicine know what an important part the theme music plays in the podcast.

Marshall McLuhan was a well known Canadian Professor of Communication theory at the University of Toronto.  He has a famous quote saying that “the medium is the message”. I like this quote and have used it often to refer to my social medial/knowledge translation project. However, this is my favourite Marshall McLuhan quote:


Marshall McLuhan

“Anyone who tries to make a distinction between education and entertainment

doesn’t know the first thing about either.”

I am often asked which comes first, the article or the theme music? Let me assure everyone that it is about the literature.

After the paper has been selected I look to that rich era of music the 1980’s. Only then do I try to find a song which fits the topic being discussed. While I try to get music from the 1980’s there are a few times where a song from another era fits better.

Here is the list of the music I used in Season #1 of the SGEM to help cut the knowledge translation window from over 10 years to less than one year.

Theme Music from Season#1 of the Skeptics’ Guide to Emergency Medicine

Episode Title Theme Music Artist
1 Introduction to TheSGEM
2 Evidence Based Medicine
3 To X-Ray Or Not To X-Ray
4 Getting Un-Stoned
5 Does Johnny “Kneed” An X-Ray?
6 Orthopedic Surgeons: Strong AND Smart!
7 Every Breath You Take Every Breath You Take The Police
8 ABCD2, Not As Simple As 1,2,3 ABC The Jackson 5
9 Who Let The Dogs Out? Who Let The Dogs Out? Baha Men
10 Ten Commandments of EBM Bright Side Of Life Eric Idle
11 All Seizures Stop…Eventually
12 Oh Dance-A-Tron Donna Ritchie Valens
13 Better Out Than In I’m On My Way The Proclaimers
14 You Can Ring My Bell Ring My Bell Anita Ward
15 Choosing Wisely Indiana Jones John Williams
16 Ho Ho Hold The Proton Pump Inhibitor Ol’ Santa Clause Harry Connick Jr.
17 The Best FOAM Auld Lang Syne Auld Lang Syne
18 Eye Of The Tiger Eye Of The Tiger Survivor
19 Bust-A-Move Bust-A-Move Young MC
20 Hit Me With Your Best Shot Hit Me With Your Best Shot Pat Benatar
21 Ice, Ice, Baby Ice, Ice, Baby Vanilla Ice
22 Papa Don’t Preach Papa Don’t Preach Madonna
23 A Bump Up Ahead A Bump Up Ahead David Wilcox
24 The Strokes
25 Who Are You Who Are You The Who
26 Honey Honey Sugar Sugar The Archies
27 Bad To The Bone Bad To The Bone George Thorogood
28 Bang Your Head Bang Your Head Quiet Riot
29 Stroke Me, Stroke Me The Stroke Billy Squier
30 My Generation My Generation The Who
31 She’s Got Legs Legs ZZ Top
32 Stone Me And It Stoned Me Van Morrison
33 Boston 2013 Monstercat Piano Mix Monstercat/Evan Duffy
34 This Is Spinal Tap Tonight I’m Gonna Rock You Tonight Spinal Tap
35 We Are Young We Are Young Fun
36 Mac And CCB’s Mac and Cheese Johnny Bregar
37 To Not Treat TNT AC/DC
38 TheSGEM Down Under Down Under Men At Work
39 Weak In The Knees Weak In The Knees Serena Ryder
40 Great White North Great White North Bob And Doug Mckenzie
41 Ultra Spinal Tap Break Like the Wind Spinal Tap
42 Don’t Panic!!! So Long And Thanks For All The Fish Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy