Date: August 26th, 2015

This will be the last of the SGEM Xtra summer content. The next episode will launch Season#4 with a super big announcement. Very excited about the new initiative and I think it will take the SGEM to the next level of knowledge translation. The goal is always to cut that KT window down from over ten years to less than one year. This new initiative will accomplish this on a global level.

We have hinted about this special project before on the SGEM.  I even promised Chris Carpenter it would knock his socks off. Many more of you may not be wearing socks after hearing the announcement. In fact, once you have heard about the super big SGEM surprise, tweet me pictures of you without socks.

Until then enjoy the fourth of the fabulous #FOAMed speakers lighting the way in Edmonton earlier this year as part of the Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians (CAEP) meeting.

Chris Bond: Chris is an EM physician and clinical lecturer at the University of Calgary. His interests include knowledge translation, FOAMed, and all things food and wine related. Make sure you check out his great blog called SOCMOB (Standing on the Corner Minding My Own Business).

FOAM: Consolidation, Integration and the Future

How to keep up with FOAMed, a discussion of quality assurance/quality metrics within FOAM and efforts to develop and implement a FOAM curriculum.

You can watch Chris give his talk on YouTube and download a PDF copy of his slides.

Bond Title Slide

Chris Bond PDF Slides

Chris Bond YouTube

Chris Bond YouTube

That is it for the sumner Xtra content on the SGEM. Season#4 will start in September and I can’t wait to get pictures of SGEMers without their socks on.

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Remember to be skeptical of anything you learn, even if you heard it on the Skeptics’ Guide to Emergency Medicine.

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