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#SGEMHOP Geriatric Falls

Posted by on Jan 15, 2015 in Featured | 1 comment

Great new everyone. Academic Emergency Medicine Journal has made the SGEM-HOP...

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SGEM#102: Text Me for Emergency Department Follow-up

Posted by on Jan 11, 2015 in Featured, Podcasts | 7 comments

Podcast Link: SGEM102 Text Me Date: January 6th, 2015 Guest Skeptics: Dr....

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SGEM Xtra: Happy

Posted by on Jan 7, 2015 in Featured, Podcasts | 0 comments

Podcast Link: SGEM Xtra Happy Date: January 7th, 2015 This is a SGEM Xtra....

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SGEM#101: Puke – Antiemetics in Adult Emergency Department Patients

Posted by on Jan 4, 2015 in Featured, GastroIntestinal, Podcasts | 0 comments

Podcast Link: SGEM101 Puke Date: January 4th, 2015 Guest Skeptics: Eve Purdy....

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SGEM#100: Why Can’ t This Be Love? Early Goal Directed Dating (EGDD)

Posted by on Dec 28, 2014 in Cardiac, Featured, Podcasts | 0 comments

Podcast Link: SGEM100 Date: December 21st, 2014 Guest Skeptics: Dr. Chris...

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SGEM#99: I Flip My Classroom Back and Forth

Posted by on Dec 21, 2014 in Conferences, Featured, Podcasts | 0 comments

Podcast Link: SGEM99 Date: December 15th, 2014 Guest Skeptic: Dr. Stella Yiu....

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SMACC Chicago Cup Song

Posted by on Dec 17, 2014 in Conferences, Featured | 1 comment

The Social Medial and Critical Care (SMACC) conference came out of the Free...

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SGEM#98: Don’t Stand So Close to Me (You have the flu)

Posted by on Dec 14, 2014 in Featured, Infectious, Pulmonary | 0 comments

Podcast Link: SGEM98 Flu Date: December 13th, 2014 Guest Skeptic: Marcus...

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Drugs in the ER

Posted by on Dec 7, 2014 in Featured, Podcasts | 0 comments

Opioid use and misuse for non-cancer pain is a challenge for emergency...

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Five Tips to Avoid Emergency Medicine Burnout

Posted by on Dec 3, 2014 in Featured | 1 comment

I was recently asked by Dr. Nico Pineda from Chile to provide some advice on a...

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