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SweetBEEM 2014

Posted by on Mar 26, 2014 in Conferences, Featured | 0 comments

The BEEM Dream Team of Drs. Anthony Crocco, Ken Milne and Suneel Upadhye....

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SGEM#67: Shock the Monkey Tonight (Valsalva Maneuver for SVT)

Posted by on Mar 23, 2014 in Cardiac, Featured, Podcasts | 0 comments

Podcast Link: SGEM67 Date:  March 23, 2014 Case Scenario: 30 year old woman...

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SGEM#66: King of Pain (Migraine Headaches)

Posted by on Mar 16, 2014 in Featured, Neurologic, Podcasts | 0 comments

Podcast Link: SGEM66 Date:  March 14, 2014 Case Scenario: 32yo woman presents...

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SGEM#65: Relax, Don’t Do It (Top 5 List for Emergency Medicine)

Posted by on Mar 9, 2014 in Featured, Hematologic, Musculoskeletal, Podcasts | 2 comments

Podcast Link: SGEM65 Date:  March 6, 2014 Each week I usually put my skeptical...

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Make it So: BEEM Appraisal Tools

Posted by on Mar 5, 2014 in Featured | 3 comments

The Skeptics’ Guide to Emergency Medicine has been very successful in a...

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SGEM#64: Classic EM Papers (OPALS Study)

Posted by on Mar 2, 2014 in Cardiac, Featured, Podcasts | 7 comments

Podcast Link: SGEM64 Date:  February 28, 2014 Guest Skeptic: Dr. Anand...

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SGEM#63: Goldfinger (More Dogma of Wound Care)

Posted by on Feb 23, 2014 in Dermatologic, Featured, Infectious, Podcasts | 1 comment

Podcast Link: SGEM63 Date:  February 22, 2014 Guest Skeptic: Eve Purdy,...

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