Rumours were that Ron Burgundy had brought all his classiness to McMaster University last week to give Regional Emergency Medicine rounds. These rumours were not true, it was Ken Milne sporting a Movember and talking about The Skeptics’ Guide to Emergency Medicine.

Check out the YouTube video of the presentation. It was live streamed using Google Hangout thanks to the tech wizardry of Teresa Chan. Emergency Medicine leaders around the world tuned in live to watch including Michelle Lin from Academic Life in Emergency Medicine and Dr. Scott Weingart from EMCrit.

  • ron-burgundyEvidence based medicine (EBM) is now a cornerstone of modern medicine. There are some serious misconceptions about EBM. This interactive presentation will assist in understanding where EBM came from, why it is important and how to use it in their clinical interactions. Attendees will be given the tools to critically appraise the literature using a standard EBM approach. The problem of knowledge translation (KT) will be discussed using the leaky pipe model. Social media will be suggested as a possible answer to the KT problem. Different examples of social media will be demonstrated including the Skeptics’ Guide to Emergency Medicine.  This presentation is for emergency medicine providers interested in providing the best care for patients based on the best evidence. To misquote Winston Churchill “EBM is the worst for of medicine, except all the others that have been tried”.

Remember to be skeptical of anything your learn, even if you heard (or saw) it on the Skeptics’ Guide to Emergency Medicine.