American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) meeting was held last week in Seattle.

It was a wonderful to see old friends and meet new ones.

I wish there was more time to hang out with everyone and explore the the Seattle area.

Despite the time limits, there were lots of exciting things that happened at ACEP2013. These included:

  • Running to the space needle and back with Jason Wagner (@TheTechDoc)
  • Launching a new Journal of Rural Emergency Medicine
  • Meeting FOAMed friends from all over the world
  • Bugging Rick Bukata and Jerry Hoffman for poking fun at Canadians
  • Going to the Boeing Aircraft Museum
  • Hanging out with Joe Lex and Scott Weingart
  • Trying out Google Glass
  • Putting faces to twitter handles at tweet ups
  • Podcasting with Jeremy Faust (@JeremyFaust)
  • Going on a half marathon run along the coast of Seattle
  • Traveling to ACEP for the first time with Barb

ImageWhile at ACEP, I gave a talk at the Rural Section meeting. This YouTube video was used as part of the presentation. ┬áIt is called Ode to Joy and celebrates emergency medicine (who we are and what we do). I even slipped in a little evidence based medicine on the Well’s Score and PERC Rule (Tool).

Looking forward to ACEP 2014 in Chicago.