A shout out to Dr. Chris Carpenter and his co-editors from The SGEM. You may recognize his name as a Best Evidence in Emergency Medicine (BEEM) faculty member and the guy who is responsible for the BEST Emergency Medicine Journal Club at WashU in St. Louis. The WashU EM JC was one of my top five FOAMed picks of 2012. They consistently and for years have put out high quality, clinically relevant and skeptical reviews of the EM literature.

Now Dr. Carpenter has a book published with Drs. Jesse Pines, Ali S. Raja, and Jeremiah D. Schuur. It is called Evidence-Based Emergency Care: Diagnostic Testing and Clinical Decision Rules, 2nd Edition. We have added it to The Skeptics Guide to Emergency Medicine Book Club. Yes, TheSGEM does have a Book Club. Look under additional resources on TheSGEM home page and scroll down to Books.

Dr. Chris Carpenter

This book fits in well with the EBM philosophy of TheSGEM, its goal of cutting the knowledge translation window down to less than 1 year, plugging some leaks in the Pathman Leaky Pipe model and encouraging doctors to choose wisely.

Ever been in a room full of people and wonder who is the smartest guy in the room? I have had that feeling many different times. When it comes to EBM and diagnostic testing, if Dr. Carpenter (aka Capt. Cranium) is in the room he IS that guy.

If you have any other books you have enjoyed, changed your practice or want to share just send me your suggestion to TheSGEM@gmail.com