Rick Mercer is a Canadian comedian, television personality, political satirist. He has a television show called The Rick Mercer Report. Part of the show is Rick’s Rant. This fall he did a rant on the flu shot called: It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

A collection of Rick’s Rants can be viewed on YouTube or read about in his new book called: A Nation Worth Ranting About: Rick Mercer Report From Across Canada.


It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year:

Well the malls are packed; the bells are jingling. It’s that wonderful time of year when Canadians from all walks of life prepare to experience the miracle of flu season. Not a lot of talk of the flu this year. We only get freaked out when it’s named after a pig or a chicken. Yet every year the old fashion no-name flu kills a whack of Canadians – basically the population of Flin Flon. Good town.

And the best defence, better than washing your hands or even avoiding that moron who comes to work sick and then coughs on your neck in the elevator, is the flu shot. In my office we gave it away for free. I stood there and said, “Okay folks, free flu shot, who’s in?” Two out of ten people made a move – two out of ten. If I had said there was free smoked meat sandwiches at the end of the hall there would have been a stampede.

Don't be one, get one.

Don’t be one, get one.

Turns out a lot people won’t get the flu shot on principle. Why? Well, “I haven’t had the flu in years, why would I get a flu shot?” said one. Good point. I have never been run over by a car so why would I look both ways? Or, and this is my favourite, when someone looks at you very seriously and says, “Did you know there’s dead flu virus in the flu vaccine?” Yes, I am aware of that. It’s why it’s called a vaccine. It’s why we don’t all have polio. I have one friend who refuses any vaccines at all based on something he read on the internet. But to be fair, he still smokes Export A in the green package, so he’s basically a medical doctor.

Look, I get lazy. I’m lazy. I get afraid of needles, but even if you are healthy enough to fight the flu, if you get the flu chances are you could pass it on to someone who can’t fight it. So come on Canada, roll up your sleeve. It’s just a little prick. Don’t be one, get one.