Date: August 20, 2012
Welcome to the first SGEM podcast. It’s goal is to shorten the knowledge translation (KT) window from 10 years down to 1 year. This is an extension of the Best Evidence in Emergency Medicine (BEEM) project.  Enjoy this introductory podcast. Like us on FaceBook and follow us on Twitter.


Some of the excellent other resources:

Give us your feedback on the site and the first podcast. Be skeptical of anything you are taught…including stuff you hear on TheSGEM. This information should not be the sole basis for your patient evaluation and treatment.Remember, the first rule of Emergency Medicine…Don’t Panic. All bleeding stops, eventually.

Talk with you next time on the Skeptics Guide to Emergency Medicine.

Remember to be skeptical of anything you learn, even if you heard it on the Skeptics’ Guide to Emergency medicine.