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SGEM#27: Bad to the Bone (Diabetic Osteomyelitis)

Posted by on Mar 10, 2013 in Dermatologic, Endocrine, Featured, Infectious, Musculoskeletal | 0 comments

Podcast Link:SGEM27 Date:  10 March 2013 Title: Bad to the Bone (Diabetic Osteomyelitis) Case Scenario: 62yo man presents to the emergency department feeling weak. His vital signs at triage are normal but his glucometer reading is high. He is a known type 2 diabetic and states his sugars have been running a little high lately. After conducting an appropriate history and directed physical examination you have not yet determined the cause of his generalized weakness. There is nothing to suggest respiratory or urinary tract infection. Before leaving the room you take off his socks to check out his feet. What you see and smell is a diabetic foot ulcer on the plantar aspect of his left foot. Question: Does this patient with diabetes have osteomyelitis of the lower extremity? Background: Complications from diabetes are common presentations to the emergency department. These ED...

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