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SGEM Xtra: Dr. Chris Bond CAEP2015

Posted by on Aug 30, 2015 in Conferences, Featured, Podcasts | 1 comment

Podcast Link: SGEM Xtra Chris Bond Date: August 26th, 2015 This will be the last of the SGEM Xtra summer content. The next episode will launch Season#4 with a super big announcement. Very excited about the new initiative and I think it will take the SGEM to the next level of knowledge translation. The goal is always to cut that KT window down from over ten years to less than one year. This new initiative will accomplish this on a global level. We have hinted about this special project before on the SGEM.  I even promised Chris Carpenter it would knock his socks off. Many more of you may not be wearing socks after hearing the announcement. In fact, once you have heard about the super big SGEM surprise, tweet me pictures of you without socks. Until then enjoy the fourth of the...

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SGEM Xtra: SketchyEBM

Posted by on Aug 23, 2015 in Podcasts | 6 comments

Podcast Link: SketchyEBM Date: August 22nd, 2015 SGEMers have become familiar with Paediatric Emergency Medicine Super Hero Dr. Anthony Crocco. He has been on the SGEM many times discussing the best paediatric emergency care. Anthony is also well know for his YouTube videos. There are now three RANThonys: Fever Phobia, Cough Medication and Pain Control. Anthony launched his own evidence based medicine website earlier this year called SketchyEBM. This blog is another summer SGEM Xtra that will highlight this great new #FOAMed resource. Five Questions for SketchyEBM: Give me your elevator pitch for SketchyEBM? Where did you get the idea for SketchyEBM? What are your goals for SketchyEBM? What content will people find on SketchyEBM? What other topics will you be covering on SketchyEBM? If you are a program director, you need to check out SketchyEBM. If you are a student wanting...

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SGEM Xtra: Dr. Lauren Westafer CAEP2015

Posted by on Aug 16, 2015 in Conferences, Featured, Podcasts | 0 comments

Podcast Link: SGEM Xtra Lauren Date: August 15th, 2015 This is another SGEM Xtra. Season#4 will be starting soon in September trying to cut that knowledge translation window down from over ten years to less than one year with critical appraisals of the recent literature. Until then we have some more FOAMed goodness from the Canadian Association of Emergency Physician meeting that was held in Edmonton earlier this year. It was my pleasure to host the #FOAMed track at the CAEP meeting. There were four amazing speakers Lighting the Way in Edmonton including Lauren Westafer. Lauren Westafer (@LWestafer): Lauren is currently the Chief Resident at Baystate Medical Center, FOAMcast co-host with Jeremy Faust, author of The Short Coat blog, and the Knowledge to Action Fellow. Lauren is passionate about Free Open Access Medical education, dissemination and implementation science, and metacognition. (Un)Learning in...

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SGEM Xtra: Don’t Bring Me Down – Preventing Older Adult Falls from the Emergency Department

Posted by on Aug 9, 2015 in Featured, Podcasts, Trauma | 3 comments

Podcast Link: SGEM Xtra Geriatric Falls Date: Summer 2015 Guest Skeptic: Dr. Julie Gyi and Dr. Jordan Jeong. Emergency medicine residents at St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center in Paterson, New Jersey. Guest Host: Dr. Chris Carpenter @SAEMEBM. Associate Professor, Emergency Medicine. Director, Evidence Based Medicine, Washington University. C0-Author of Evidence Based Emergency Care- Diagnostic, Testing and Clinical Decision Rules. Case: An 80 year old female presents with left wrist pain following a fall. You diagnose and treat a Colles fracture with no other acute injuries, but at discharge her family wonders if she is at significant risk for further falls and, if so, how to prevent them? Background: Falls don’t just happen in hospitals and nursing homes. About one in three older adults who live at home suffer a standing level fall every year. That is over eight million non-fatal falls in the U.S. alone...

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SGEM Xtra: Dr. Eve Purdy CAEP2015

Posted by on Aug 2, 2015 in Conferences, Featured, Podcasts | 0 comments

Podcast Link: SGEM Xtra Eve Date: July 23rd, 2015 The SGEM is a knowledge translation (KT) project with a goal of cutting the KT windows down from over ten years to less than one year. During the summer months SGEMers will receive extra content. These are part of the SGEM Xtra series. The standard high quality, clinically relevant, evidence based, critical reviews of the recent literature will returning in the fall. The Canadian Association of Emergency Physician (CAEP) meeting was held in Edmonton earlier this year. The theme of he conference was Lighting the Way. There was a Free Open Access to Medical Education (FOAMed) track with four amazing speakers. One of those speakers was Eve Purdy. Eve Purdy (@purdy_Eve): Eve is a PGY1 in Emergency Medicine at Queen’s University. She has keen interest in medical education. She has experience consuming, sharing, creating...

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SGEM Xtra: Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot…or Not

Posted by on Jul 26, 2015 in Featured, Podcasts | 1 comment

Podcast Link: SGEM Xtra Hot or Not Date: July 23rd, 2015 The Skeptics’ Guide to Emergency Medicine (SGEM) is knowledge translation (KT) project trying to cut the KT window down from over ten years to less than one year. The SGEM is always trying to improve this KT project so you can provide your patients with the best care, based on the best evidence. Each week the SGEM does a structured critical review of a recent publication, using a validated method and reliable tool followed by a blog and podcast. However, we only represent one opinion and (being skeptical of anything that you learn) our perspectives may not always represent your opinions. The second leak in the KT “leaky pipe” model put forth by Pathman et al is acceptance. The SGEM needs to understand what listeners accept versus what they reject. Therefore,...

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