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Podcast #9: Who Let the Dogs Out? (Wound Care)

Posted by on Oct 28, 2012 in Dermatologic, Featured, Podcasts | 2 comments

The Skeptics Guide to Emergency Medicine Podcast Link:SGEM9 Date: 28 October 2012 Title: Who let the dogs out?     Case Presentation: 45 year old man presents to the ED with a laceration to his finger. He was washing the dishes and a glass broke. There is a 1cm full thickness laceration on the pad of his index finger. The bleeding has stopped, skin edges look good, tetanus is up-to-date and he wants to know does he need stitches? Dogma Taught in Medical School: There are over 7 million lacerations a year in the USA. Close to 5 million animal bits/yr and 1.5 million skin tears in the elderly. Open wounds and lacerations are the third most common presenting problems in the ED (Singer and Dagum NEJM 2008). Most of what we know has been based on observations from animal studies and practices in the OR....

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