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Global Medical Education Project (GMEP)

Global Medical Education Project (GMEP)

This blog posting is a shout out to Dr. Mike Cadogan for starting the Global Medical Education Project.  GMEP is described by Mike as “The Facebook of medicine. A place to share medical videos, discussion, questions and conversation without feeling über nerdy.” I defined GMEP as  a knowledge translation and dissemination project utilizing the disruptive technology of the Internet, Web 2.0 and social media.

Mike is an emergency physician from Australia who has a passion for social media, medical education and medical informatics. Mike started the blog Life in the FastLane  to promote emergency medicine and critical care education at undergraduate and postgraduate training level. Outside of medicine, he is a writer, father and ephemeral disambiguant (I don’t know what this means either).

While Dr. Joe Lex could be considered the father of FOAM (Free Open Access to Meducation) because of his 2,100 Free Emergency Medicine Talks, Mike Cadogan is the Rock STAR!

I encourage everyone to log onto the GMEP site, register, explore, contribute and learn.

Remember to be skeptical of anything you learn, even if you learned it on GMEP.

  • Thanks boss
    Appreciate the shout out for – early stages yet, with lots of work to do – but that is the great thing about the online medical community, they have reached a tipping point and always happy to assist with the development of asynchronous learning
    vive la #FOAMed

  • Sue

    And don’t forget that medical skeptics can also be activists on social media – The Skeptical OB blog, Stop the AVN FB page (fighting the antivaxers) – opportunities are limitless